lundi 29 janvier 2018


Last year, I decided to start a new challenge with one of my engineer developer friend : Create a Puzzle Mobile Game !!
The production start at in the middle of the year 2017 and took more than a year and a half with only two people. 

On this project, i was responsible of guiding the whole look and feel of the game:
- Concept Design
- Character Design
- Visual environment development
- 2D animation ( FX-Character-Map Game )

Slyway is born in spetember 2018 and the Game is already release on Android : 

Here you can find some of the Concept art that i realized. Enjoy !

Character Design

SlyWay : Character Research

SlyWay : Shape Research

SlyWay : Kurt Design

SlyWay : Sly Design

SlyWay : Banner